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  • Five Nice Beaches over the Globe


    Here is a list of five nice beaches over the globe, all nice in their own way and perfect for a relaxing holiday. On a couple of these beaches there are sellers walking along offering a variety of things, but on most of them it is calm. Lady Travel Guide recommends all of the places, […]

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  • Crazy fantastic Dubai

    Burj-arl-arab-dubai-travelgrip (5)

    Crazy fantastic Dubai is constantly growing, where ever you look there are construction going on. Therefore this desert city is growing wider and larger, slowly taking larger parts of the desert. However, when you go here as a tourist you will most likely hand around the beach area. Along the city from north to south […]

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  • Incredible United Arab Emirates


    Incredible United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer, visit Burj Khailfa in Dubai, look at Burj Al Arab from Madinat Jumeirah Resort i Dubai, discover Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi and relax at Sheraton hotel among other nice hotels in Abu Dhabi. Women can feel safe when travelling around in UAE and when walking […]