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  • The Sweet Skybar in Krakow


    When strolling around in this Polish town, from the old own area all the way over to the Jewsih quarters, it is just perfect to stop by at the sweet Skybar at Hotel Rubinstein an hour before sunset and look out over Krakow while the sun sets. The place is generally not crowded, since it might […]

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  • The romantic coast of Normandy France


    The romantic coast of Normandy France has a lot to offer both couples, single travelers as well as families. This you can tell when visiting the region during spring and summer from all visitors heading here for various occations. The romantic coastline With cities such as Deauville/Trouville-sur-Mer, Port-en-Bessin and Mont Saint Michel, the northwestern French […]

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  • Find a stay in Stockholm on Airbnb


    Getting ready to travel to the Capital of Scandinavia and looking for a place to stay? Here is some good information for you if using Airbnb. It is good to know that the regulations regarding subletting apartments vary from building to building due to different organisations. Since in Sweden you can either own your apartment but […]

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  • Galeries Lafayette rooftop terrace in Paris


    I got so lucky when I found this little gem, the Galeries Lafayette rooftop terrace in Paris. It offers lots of space for anyone visiting, a bar and restaurant in one corner as well as an extraordinary view of the city. The Lafayette in Paris is divided in three separate buildings, to reach the rooftop […]

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  • Weekend in Pisa – Italy


    To spend a weekend in Pisa – Italy – during spring or summer can be magical, if you just see past all other tourists. The pastas and pizzas made in Italy are truly something else compared to many other places around the world, the Italians take pride in beeing master of the doughs as well […]

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  • Fabulous Bouillabaisse at KaDeWe in Berlin


    Here is a great food recommendation for the one crawing seafood in a juicy sauce with baguette and beer or wine. Try the fabulous Bouillabaisse at KaDeWe in Berlin when in Germany. You’ll find this venue alongside with other restaurants with servings along the barside or on tables for upto 4 persons. KaDeWe is a […]

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  • 5 dining places in Thessaloniki

    5-dining-places-in-Thessaloniki-LadyTravelGuide- (4)

    Greek food might be among the best in the world, dishes are very sharable between the whole party when feasting on lambchops, bifteki, tzatsiki, bread with olive oil, stuffed wineleaves, moussaka and souvlakis. All this mediterranean food is very fresh and with spices such as rosmary, oregano and thyme. Here follows 5 dining places in […]

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  • Shop and dine at fabulous KaDeWe in Berlin

    AusterBar-KaDeWe-Oyster-Bar-Berlin-LadyTravelGuide- (3)

    When in Germanys captail city, make sure to stop to shop and dine at fabulous KaDeWe in Berlin, a large department store holding all major brands for fashion and beauty shopping complemented by two floors of dining options. The sixth floor is a food market with dining spots and drinking bars spread out areound the […]

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  • Dressed for a soft evening in Thessaloniki


    Dressed for a soft evening in Thessaloniki in northern Greece, wearing a long dress in light blue color matches very well with Greece and the mediterranean sea. Greece has a good climate and warm days from April to October, evenings during spring and autumn are a bit chilly so this dress is perfect! This particular […]

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  • Enjoy the beauty of Vienna during a weekend


    Make a stop in the heart of Europe to enjoy the beauty of Vienna during a weekend, a weekend is just good enough for exploring Austrias capital city. There is walking distance to all main sights and a smooth subway system for exploring the sights outside of the centre. What not to miss in Vienna […]

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  • Weekend in Reims


    Skip Paris and go for a weekend in Reims in stead! When this beautiful and quite small city in the heart of Champange region you should definately drink Champagne besides seeing the main sights. Sights The Cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims, an impressive sight in the center of the city. Fine shopping can be made at the department […]

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  • Night out at Ritz Rooftop Bar in Vienna


    When in Austrias capital city, spend a night out at Ritz Rooftop Bar in Vienna. The view of the city is great and the service splendid in this venue set on the 8th floor of the Ritz Carlton hotel. Visit during during spring or summer and zip on a cooling Spritz, a mix of sparkling […]