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  • Vive la France – Football champions

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    Les Bleus won the Wold Cup of Footboll on July 15th 2018, adding this win to other worlds best-things that makes France The Choice of Destination. At least for me, it is my first hand choice among countries to visit. Vive La France Visit France for outstanding meals, wines and hospitality, and join in on […]

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  • The romantic coast of Normandy France


    The romantic coast of Normandy France has a lot to offer both couples, single travelers as well as families. This you can tell when visiting the region during spring and summer from all visitors heading here for various occations. The romantic coastline With cities such as Deauville/Trouville-sur-Mer, Port-en-Bessin and Mont Saint Michel, the northwestern French […]

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  • Weekend in Barcelona


    Spend a relaxing weekend in Barcelona, a city with both city beach and great shopping. There is plenty to see and experience in Barcelona, and this destination is perfect if you are a single traveller. Most of the people you meet within the service field in Barcelona know English so ordering food or drinks and […]

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  • A sunny break in Apuglia


    Take a sunny break in Apuglia in south of Italy, this region is famous for wine and beaches. Here are lovely towns, friendly Italians and almost no foreign tourists compared to Toscany. The summer stretches into October. Not to be missed in Apuglia Gallipoli, a fishing town with fresh seafood sold on a market close […]

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  • Five Nice Beaches over the Globe


    Here is a list of five nice beaches over the globe, all nice in their own way and perfect for a relaxing holiday. On a couple of these beaches there are sellers walking along offering a variety of things, but on most of them it is calm. Lady Travel Guide recommends all of the places, […]

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  • Touristic Krabi Thailand


    Krabi in Thailand is very touristic but yet a nice place for suntanning and good living to low costs. Visit Ao Nang on the coast for good restaurants and day activities, for example take a Longtail Boat over to Railay beach where you also can get busy rock climbing and hiking. In Ao Nang you […]

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  • Boracay White Beach

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    Boracays White Beach might be not just the best beach in The Philippines but one of the world best beaches. The small and tropical island Boracay has lots of hotels and dining places so it is easy to enjoy life at its best. The islands most famous beach, White Beach, is well known and has […]